Kazola 2005

Just a little update about the site. You’ll notice the young woman on the front page sitting below the Gallery menu. This is the latest drawing of Kazola, the barkeep who always had a hand extended in friendship to all who came to her tavern in the middle of forest in Yew on the Great Lakes server, in the game Ultima Online. I thought it was fitting that she should have an updated drawing since she was first character portrait that I drew and it was with her online “brother” Garet Jax who helped get my pictures on the web for the first time. Anyway, a larger picture is now on the 2nd page of the Ultima Online gallery as well. Clicking on the picture should take you there too. Enjoy.

Face and Misshapen Shoulders

A model's face

Another model. I think part of my problem, when trying to draw from real life, is that I do not have the patience to sit there and work on a piece for hours a day, for several days in a row. I know nothing says that I have to do that, but I have never been able to draw photo-realistically like some people can. Its amazing when a person can put pencil or pen to a paper and the viewer can mistake it for a photo. Not that photorealism is the pinnacle of art. Personally I really think the more impressionistic the better. To capture something in a few lines or a few strokes of paint. Now that takes talent.

I wonder how many contradictory ideas I can have at the same time. . . . For some great quick studies done with digital media check out the “speed painting” thread on the Sijun Forums. This link here will put you near the latest page of the thread, #585 or something. There is some great stuff there. That thread has been inspirational (if not altogether motivational) for me.


Room for improvement

A face, a hand from a photo reference. Pretty quick study (about 30 minutes) but certainly the overall structure as well as the values of the pencils used could be improved upon greatly. Even though its a very unfinished piece, I would have to move her left eye a bit down and in, make her mouth a more manageable size, and work on that hand, for the final drawing to have a chance at being salvaged. Tomorrow is another day.

Swimsuit Model and what not

Quick study of a swimsuit model

This quick sketch is from a photo reference, although I changed the face a bit. In truth, I suppose I changed the whole picture since there are many things about it which differ from the original. I like it because I was able to capture the general pose of the model pretty quickly, but thats about all I like about it. Its unfinished, but perhaps for tomorrow I will post it again with more work done on it.

I used a non-photo purple pencil on it, but the lead was so soft that once on the paper it was difficult to erase and to see the actual graphite show through once I worked on it a bit. Perhaps like many people, if there is one thing I need to work on, its hands. I tend to gloss over them, hide them, or otherwise make it so the picture “kind-of-still-works” without them being wholly accurate. So, look for more hands in the future. And hopefully you’ll see a wide range of pictures here other than scantily clad women, which, although not an entirely bad thing, does leave one wanting for something more.

Tomorrow then. 🙂