Cern, my character on the Argent Dawn server on World of Warcraft. WoW is very stylized with cartoonish proportions for characters and monsters, so this is a slightly more realistic depiction I suppose. I need to spend more time on finishing up these sketches more, concentrating on getting the values right.

Old and New

Brother and girl from Tullamore

Two sketches today to try to make up for missing the last two. Of course the point of this online sketchbook is to get me to do just that: sketch. Daily. But of course, I have more excuses than *insert pithy comment here*. Anyway, the unfinished hand at the top was done today, and believe me, that was the best of the bunch. Ouch. But even quick sketches are hard of hands when the hands are foreshortened and what not. The second sketch of the two people were done previously, but I thought you might like a look-see. The young man was based on a photo of my brother, and the not so terribly well drawn girl is a young woman from a celtic band called Tullamore.

Oh yes, Jade Empire comes out tomorrow. I had nearly forgotten about that. I do hope that doesn’t put a kink in the ol’ drawing every day thing. Must resist, must resist. . . .

Site Maintenance

The galleries are beginning to take shape. Some window dressing changes made to the Ultima Online galleries. And I now have pages set up for the Original art section as well, atlhough, pitifully, I only have one picture in there so far. So no new sketch today because of that work. I will start adding pictures to the galleries tomorrow.

The Claw!

the claw!

Well, not so much a claw like in the movie “Liar Liar” but it is a sketch of my left hand. Unfortunately, my work schedule has been a bit hectic over this past week and so I haven’t had as much time to draw as I would like. But I didn’t want to let another day pass by without a sketch. So, here it is. Quick, simple, but I will be doing more hand studies in the days to come. I am using a book by Andrew Loomis to learn more about hand construction and anatomy. I discovered Andrew Loomis and his books a year or so back and they really have been quite helpful. From what I understand Alex Ross used his books to help him to get where he is today, so hey, if it worked for Alex. . . 🙂 Anyway, more sketches to come.