A Boy and His Octopus

I thought I would try my hand at inking something since I haven’t done it in a while. And I’ve found that it’s not terribly easy. 🙂 The above picture is more than halfway done, but it still needs work to bring focus into the central figures of the boy and his dog. What might have worked better is if I had kept all of the tentacles white, then made the background black, or at least mostly black, possibly hinting at outerspace. Hmm, perhaps doing that and then adding some retro glass bubble helmets to the boy and his dog as well . . . . Or I could crop the picture to fully focus on the intense gaze of the space octopus and the kid.  Ok, I seem to be thinking out loud here. 🙂 I’ll see what I can do to make it take shape more.

EDIT: Ok, here is the black backgroundversion:

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  1. Well, actually, the Octopi of Kalum Ru are quite helpful – in fact the founders of the FBG – and are small – carried in glass globes around an Orang’s neck (which is why I thought the Oct WAS in the pic…) However, I did hear a rumor that the small, benevolent species had a much larger cousin living near the poles of Kalum Ru that were rather opposed to the success and presumption of their cousins, and were quite tired of visitors to their ocean planet…

  2. Doh! I had forgotten about that! Your previous comment which I thought was ASKING to see an octopus, was actually informative that there already was one in the picture! I think my original drawing of the group of three (well, four) had that in mind, but I had forgotten it in the revised picture. 🙂 (I really need to re-read the wiki.) So yes, ahem, these must the larger, jealous cousins who perhaps have a type of addiction to technology, taking something good, but perverting it to their own ends. . . .

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