2 Replies to “A Boy and His Bird. . . and Orangutan”

  1. AND his Octopus. (Or perhaps “An Octopus and his Boy”…) I love the glasses. I wonder want Timothy is holding? But Tim’s hair, watch, sneakers, shorts – everything! – are just awesome. I like the ink style, too! I wonder what he’s holding??

  2. That’s right, the Octopus! Those fellows aren’t the nicest of the sentient species, right? I need to do a picture with Timothy and one of them. I also need to flesh out the specifics of what he usually wears, his hairstyle,his watch, everything — I think the more each feature about him has a backstory then the more believable he will be as a character. Plus I need to make everything looking somewhat realistic, but somewhat cartoony at the same time. I figure that would be a good look for Timothy and the gang. 🙂

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