Timothy, a Dog and The Weapon That Wasn’t There


Two different types of sketches, both succeeding and failing in their own unique ways; these were both warm-up sketches I was doing over the past couple of days prior to working on a large piece which is far, far overdue for a very patient person. Best not to jinx the progress by saying anything more. 🙂

Oh, I added some links over to the right —->.  Paper Wings Podcast has been around for a bit, but I recently this podcast “for visual storytellers.”  Webcomics.com has some good stuff on it, although you’ll need to pay $30 to access its content over a years time. And Ley Lines,  by Robin Dempsey, is an ambitious foray into storytelling. I have only just begun reading it so I’ll let you know how it goes.





2 Replies to “Timothy, a Dog and The Weapon That Wasn’t There”

  1. I don’t know what it does, but that thing Timothy has is really cool. At first I thought it was “the weapon that wasn’t there”… which sounds like a really cool adventure “Timothy and the Weapon that Wasn’t There”

  2. Yeah, it looks like a jetpack, but actually it’s a wearable Time and Space Manipulator. . . .or something like that. 🙂 Here he is trying out for the second time and wishing his dog well (although Barney is more of a basset hound then a beagle in this picture). And you are right, that would make an intriguing title for a story. 🙂

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