In Por Ylem Paladin

IPY (version 2.0), the largest and best known free Ultima Online server, opened its doors for the whole world 2 days ago, so what better way to celebrate a very cool character idea within this world — the anti-Player Killer, the Paladin. Hats off to you Az! I logged in briefly, but am looking forward to wandering around a world that I had once thought was lost for good.  🙂

As far as the sketch above, its a bit rough. His shield and left arm need some work to show off their reflective qualities. The cape could be a lot more flowing, and the sword needs some work. Heck, the whole picture needs a once over. 🙂 What I was trying to capture initially was not the typical Holy, “Goody Two-Shoes” Paladin, but the kick-butt, coming-for-you-yes-I-mean-you-PKer, type of Paladin.  I think I was partially successful, but the line work involving the reflections from the armor need work and his helmet, now that I look at it, is devoid of any reflections. Hrm. Something I’ll have to fix.

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  1. I used to play on great lakes, and when I saw your sketch of Sixx Moka it brought back a lot of memories. He looked just like the picture. Sometimes He would wear a red robe too. He was just as skilled with a sword as he was with a mace, but that war axe was his trademark weapon. Never one to shy away from a fight, I was amazed how he could run down a Dread Lord Grandmaster Mage and dash out their brains with a war axe.

  2. I remember doing that sketch. Sixx wasn’t sure if he wanted such a comic book/super hero sketch for his character, but in the end, he liked it. 🙂 It’s a mixed bag for me to have those sketches up on the site — I cringe at some of those pictures (and heck even at my more recent ones, too) because I know I could do better, but you are right, it brings back good memories. 🙂

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