Happy New Year! (With a Little Bastila Thrown in for Good Luck)

Bastila Lounging
Bastila in disheveled Jedi Robes

This should have been posted around the start of the New Year, but better late than never, right? She was drawn from a photo reference of Hilary Rhoda to get the pose right, then the Jedi robes and boots and the rest of her that makes Bastila who she is I cobbled together from my imagination. Inked with a Hunt 102 nib or some-such then cleaned up a bit in Photoshop.(The boots and lower legs are all Photoshop).

Anyhow,I thought a little bit of Bastila “cheesecake” for the New Year isn’t such a bad idea what with the new Bioware’s Old Republic due out this year.  Now to get back to Yasser, and Els and Punch. . . .

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