Swimsuit Model and what not

Quick study of a swimsuit model

This quick sketch is from a photo reference, although I changed the face a bit. In truth, I suppose I changed the whole picture since there are many things about it which differ from the original. I like it because I was able to capture the general pose of the model pretty quickly, but thats about all I like about it. Its unfinished, but perhaps for tomorrow I will post it again with more work done on it.

I used a non-photo purple pencil on it, but the lead was so soft that once on the paper it was difficult to erase and to see the actual graphite show through once I worked on it a bit. Perhaps like many people, if there is one thing I need to work on, its hands. I tend to gloss over them, hide them, or otherwise make it so the picture “kind-of-still-works” without them being wholly accurate. So, look for more hands in the future. And hopefully you’ll see a wide range of pictures here other than scantily clad women, which, although not an entirely bad thing, does leave one wanting for something more.

Tomorrow then. 🙂

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