A Beginning

Ok. Things are a bit rough around the edges. The links are slowly coalescing, like the “Links” one up there which currently doesn’t lead anywhere. Slowly but surely, things will begin to be straightened up around here.

For those of you who have somehow stumbled onto this place, you are likely here because you have been around these parts before. Maybe you played Ultima Online and had a character portrait done. Or perhaps you are new, and you did a Google search and it spat out the link to this site. Regardless, its nice to have you here. I hope this part of the site wil be daily updated with sketches and even more finished illustrations.

The main part of the site has all the galleries and slightly-more-finished artwork on it, but this part will be the one that I post any daily sketches that I have been doing, from purely fun stuff to character design work to . . . . whatever. In truth, I am doing this because I need some accountability. Its far too easy for me to waste my life away grinding out levels in some MMORPG or in front of the TV. I really do like to draw, although by the amount of time I spend doing it sometimes would make one wonder. So, I now have this sketch-blog type thing, and in my mind I think to myself, “If someone actually does visit the site, they will see this “daily sketch” link. And when they link on it, there sure better be a sketch. From that day. You idiot.” (I can be hard on myself sometimes.)

Let me just mention that the main site is a day or so away from being “fully operational”. So no blowing up the hidden rebel base just yet. But soon it will be ready, with all those Ultima Online character portraits . . *shudder*. So many of those are simply so not good. I know it was 5 or 6 years ago for most of them, but still. Ach. But they are there. For you to mock and for me to get an idea of where I have been and where I am going. Anyway, enjoy. And drop me an email, or simply comment on this sketchblog. (Great stuff, WordPress I am still getting the hang of this too, so again, bear with me.) This first sketch is kind of a cheat since it was done a few days ago, but all my time is been consumed by this site and learning things like CSS and DOM. I promise to do better. Its of a night elf from the World of Warcraft by the name of Treine, a friend of mine whom I have had the pleasure to play with since Dark Age of Camelot came out. Anyway, the eyebrows are wrong, but overall . . . .take a look.

Oh, and since sometimes my wife checks this site when we haven’t seen each other in days due to work: “Hi, Baby! Love you!”

Treine from WoW

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