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My online sketchbook

Timothy, a Dog and The Weapon That Wasn’t There

  Two different types of sketches, both succeeding and failing in their own unique ways; these were both warm-up sketches I was doing over the past couple of days prior to working on a large piece which is far, far overdue for a very patient person. Best not to jinx the progress by saying anything more. 🙂 Oh, I added some links over to the right ---->.  Paper Wings Podcast has been around for a bit, but I recently this podcast "for visual storytellers." has some good stuff on it, although you'll need to pay $30 to access its content over a years time. And Ley Lines,  by Robin Dempsey, is an ambitious foray into storytelling. I have only just begun reading it so I'll let you know how it goes.        

Katy Perry

Katy Perry
A passable rendition of Katy Perry from a photo reference. It started out pretty ugly looking but after some erasing and adjusting this rough sketch turned out OK. As someone once said, each time you draw you are going to reach that "ugly stage" where the thing just looks terrible. If you don't continue and push past that point, you'll never complete any of your drawings. Gotta keep on drawing. 🙂 Oh, a belated congratulations to the Green Bay Packers on their 13th World Championship and 4th Super Bowl win. Rodgers and company, you guys played well on Sunday.